TreMalin, your partner in plastics blow molding

Plastic products

From our brand-new location in Nieuwkuijk, TreMalin started in 2020 with the production of high-quality plastic products. Through extrusion blow molding, we are able to efficiently manufacture products in various sizes. With a team of specialists, we are a leading young and dynamic company that provides various plastic products for different markets. TreMalin brings a wealth of experience. All our colleagues have a rich past in the production of plastic products.

TreMalin has various production machines. From fully automatic to large format. With this, we are able to provide a wide range of products for almost every market. In short, TreMalin is your ideal partner when it comes to blow molding productions.


During the production process, we consciously consider the environment. Our own internal waste streams are the starting point of our sustainability cycle. As such, we continuously and cleanly reintegrate cutting waste back into the production process, as is appropriate.

Part of our products are made from recycled material. By running the cutting waste through a shredder and supplementing it with new material, it can be reused to manufacture new products. In this way, no material is lost and optimal use is made of recycled material.

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